Writing Resources: Spreadsheets

There are all kinds of tools out there for writers. Personally, I’m a fan of spreadsheets, as you’ll have seen in last week’s Blogging Resources post! Here’s some of what I use and thought would be useful for other writers!

Tools For Writers

This spreadsheet set is one that I look forward to finding every year. I love the colors and quotes. It’s created by Christie Yant I personally only use the word count tracker because it doesn’t suit my process, but maybe it’ll work for yours! It has a:

  • Word Count Tracker
  • Career Bingo Card
  • Story Status Tracker
  • Kanban Tracker

You can make a copy of it for yourself here!

Submission Tracker

If you, like me, are submitting short stories or essays to larger markets, it’s really helpful to have a way to track what you’ve submitted where and all of the data that comes along with it.

I couldn’t find a spreadsheet that did exactly what I wanted, so I made one! You can make a copy of it for yourself here!

Press Tracker

It can be useful to keep track of all the reviews you come across for your work to make it easy for you to figure out where to send review copies to later.

Now, this comes with the caveat that you should never, ever contact a reviewer to complain about your coverage. This spreadsheet should be for you and your publishing team’s information ONLY. DO NOT contact reviewers to complain.

I made my own because it seemed easiest, so you can make a copy for yourself here!

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