Writing Resources: Facebook Groups For Indie Authors

I know that Facebook is a terrible platform, but when it comes to being an indie author, we all need all the help we can get. Facebook groups are one of the only places on the internet where you can have an actual discussion with multiple people and not have random parts of it disappear (looking at you, Twitter) or have it be time-based. Because of this, it’s great for starting discussions about the struggles of the indie author life.

In my time doing this, I’ve found a number of groups that are extremely helpful

20 Books to 50K

This Facebook group operates under the theory that by the time you publish 20 books, you can be making $50,000 a year – thus the name.

The admins are hardasses, but this group is a GREAT resource for learning about writing to market, running good ads and rapid release writing/marketing. They also talk a lot about using Kindle Unlimited to your advantage, so if that’s not your thing, this may not be the place for you. I wouldn’t turn your notifications on for it because there are just so many posts, but it can be a really good place to learn things from.


Wide for the Win

If exclusivity to Amazon and Kindle Unlimited is not your deal, you might find yourself in better company in Wide for the Win. I believe the group’s creator is writing a book with the same title, but the group offers other marketing options and tricks to use to make it easier for you to get your books in the hands of readers who want them!


Level Up Romance Authors

Sometimes you just need some genre-specific assistance and Level Up Romance Authors is one of the most useful places I’ve found for romance-specific writing.


ARC Clubs

I can’t link to specific ones here because there are so many! I’ve found these are very helpful in reaching new readers and finding people to network with. If you write romance, for example, I’ve had great luck in the M/M and F/F ARC clubs. I know there are also horror and SF/F ARC groups out there, though I haven’t used them myself.

You can also create your own author group on Facebook that will allow you to easily share ARC links, sales, and other fun news with your readers with more instant feedback than you might get from a newsletter.


Book Cover Design Marketplace

If you’re looking for somewhere to purchase premade covers or find the perfect designer to create your cover, this facebook group can be the place for you. It can get a little overwhelming, but if you make good use of the search function to find what you are looking for, you might just find exactly the cover designer you need! Often, specific designers have their own Facebook groups as well that you can find through this larger group.

Looking for more writing resources? Check out the whole category of the ones I’ve written up! You might find something useful!

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