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If you are anything like me, you are already trying to get ahead of the game for 2020 and put your writing life in order. For me, that means setting up my bullet journal spreads and trying to make it as easy to use as possible. One great way to do that is to use printable bullet journal pages, which you can either tape to your bullet journal’s pages or punch holes in to use in a binder. Either way, I decided to create some writer-focused bullet journal spreads that might help you to organize yourself!


Daily Progress Tracker Bullet Journal Spread

If you like to take notes about what you worked on, what caused you problems and check in with yourself emotionally, this one page spread is a great way to do it! It gives you plenty of space to have one for every day and you can write whatever down whatever you need to.

Monthly Word Count Tracker Bullet Journal Spreads

Make it easy for yourself to just plug in the right number of days and get to writing with these simple wordcount trackers. Or, go for a five-week calendar. I left you some space to make notes about what you’re working on, where you were working, or really, anything else going on in your life. Just add in the dates and your wordcount and you’ve got everything you need!

Wordcount Tracker Graph Bullet Journal Spread

If graphs are more your thing, check out this horizontal graph that you can make. Mark your own word count intervals on the y-axis, then fill in the date on the x-axis, and you have the makings of a customized line graph!

I hope that these will be helpful for you. I know they are for me! You can download all six of these files for free through Gumroad. If you feel like leaving a tip, I’d appreciate it! And, if you use them, tag me on instagram so I can see them!

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