Unnamed Rescue Fish

Unnamed Rescue Fish

This guy is as yet unnamed, but he is my most recent rescue fish. When I got him from someone at school on Saturday, he was in a cracked .25 gallon bowl that was half filled with rocks.

This guy has to have the worst genetics I’ve ever seen in a fish. As you might be able to see, his bottom fin is crowntail. The other two, however, are very obviously veiltail. He does have the proper betta spirit, though. Very fussy, spits his food out four or five times before actually eating it, flares at everything, etc.

If anyone wants this guy, I’m willing to give him away to a good home, as I now have three fish tanks running, plus my snail tanks. I’d love to let this poor ugly fellow have a good life where he is the most appreciated fish in the house.

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