Top Ten Books on my Fall TBR

This fall, I’m trying not to overload myself, so I’m keeping my planned TBR pretty light. Some of these books are for review, some are for cutting down my actually owned TBR, but I’m hoping to have read these by the end of October, if not the end of November.

Crooked Kingdom by Leigh Bardugo

The Path to Dawn by Miri Castor (ARC)

The Melody of You and Me by M. Hollis (ARC)

A Warrior of the People by Joe Starita (ARC)

Stained by Abda Khan (ARC)

Butter by Elaine Khosrova (ARC)

A Gathering of Shadows by V.E. Schwab

Her Majesty’s Dragon by Naomi Novik

The Alchemist by Paolo Coehlo

Heartless by Marissa Meyer


What are you planning to read this season? Talk to me about it in the comments!


15 thoughts on “Top Ten Books on my Fall TBR

  1. That’s probably the best way to go about getting those ARCs read, I need to try better too. Too many books?
    Hope you enjoy Opal Charm! And I think this is the Schwab I’ve heard so much about. And Novik! Still haven’t read any of her’s?Is this one part of a series? Happy fall reading to you!

    1. His Majesty’s Dragon is the first in a 9 book series – I read her book Uprooted (which is a standalone) on Naz’s recommendation, and loved it, so I’m giving the giant series a try.
      The Schwab book is actually the second in a series. Both are on audio, I believe, if you want to add that to your list. I really enjoyed the first one when I listened to it, and I actually got it from the library, but had to return it unread. It was no good!

  2. Heartless sounds really good 🙂 I haven’t read Six of Crows but I know a lot of people seem to be really excited for Crooked Kingdom!
    I hope you enjoy all these books!

  3. Oh, I liked Stained! And I’m glad to see you reading The Alchemist. Everyone should read that book!
    I also see that you’re continuing with Naomi Novik’s work. She must have made an impression on you with Uprooted! Or was that not your first book by her?
    Looks like you struck a good balance of ARCs and books on your actual TBR. I haven’t requested for accepted review copies in over a month. It can get overwhelming…

    1. Yeah, a few of these are author-sent ARC’s instead of Netgalley ARC’s – though Butter and A Warrior of The People are from Netgalley. I couldn’t resist a food memoir about Butter, so I requested the other nonfiction book that looked interesting. I really burned myself out in August on ARC’s, so I’m chilling out for a while.
      Uprooted was my first book by Novik, but my sister had the first three books in her other series. I wasn’t sure I wanted to make the commitment, but Uprooted convinced me! And I’ve had The Alchemist on my bookshelf for like two years, but never actually read it, which is a shame. It comes so highly recommended!

        1. I know that pain! I actually just reorganized my shelves to merge my stuff with Chris’s, so I went ahead and pulled the stuff that I hadn’t read and didn’t know if I’d like and put that on its own shelf.

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