The Year in Reading… Thus Far!

Hello friends! We’ve officially passed the halfway mark for this year, which both feels like it has been as slow as a turtle, and as fast as a cheetah. I’ve decided to tally up my Year in Reading.

However, I’ve read quite a few books, so here’s some stats about them! You can see all of the raw data on my Google Spreadsheet!

I decided to mark each author in an anthology as it’s own story, because each story and essay deserved its own space. It also makes my data much more useful! As you can see, I still read mostly female authors. Please note this includes trans authors – wherever they identify on the gender spectrum. Trans men are men, and trans women are women. Nonbinary, genderqueer and genderfluid folks also have their own category!

I am honestly surprised that I don’t have more genre fiction on my list this year – most of my reading has been pretty even. And I’ve been reading more nonfiction, which has been fun and informative, mostly!

I’m glad I’ve been DNFing more books this year, because it gives me more time for the great ones! Yay good books!

Last but certainly not least, I did a heatmap of the number of authors from an area that I’ve read this year. The lighter it is, the less authors I’ve read there. A lot of these authors overlap with other countries, so I counted them twice. There was no good way for me to mark people who/whose parents had migrated to different countries, but it is still an important part of their heritage.

What do you think? How do your stats compare for your Year in Reading? I’m curious!

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7 thoughts on “The Year in Reading… Thus Far!

    1. I’m honestly not sure how it happened! I don’t feel like I’m reading as much as I used to. I guess I have to thank audio audiobooks!

  1. Your stats are so attractive! I love it! Realizing that the year is half over is kind of making me panic about my goals. I am doing fine with the numbers of POC authors and non-American authors I’m reading, but damn, I am falling behind on stuff like reading my own damn books and reading the SF starter pack o’ books that my pal Renay made for me. Ugggghhhhh I gotta catch uppppppp.

    1. Hahahaha I have not read like any books from the read my own damn books challenge. I’ve been doing well on everything else, but not that one. I BELIEVE IN YOU JENNY! Also I made these on piktochart – very easy & free!

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