The Spirit of Songwriting begins!

Sorry for being AWOL for the last two weeks of posts, guys! I’ve been having some severe computer troubles, from a crashed logics board on my Macbook, to a loaner laptop that wiped the memory every 12 hours to a really old Acer that can’t run an internet browser and Microsoft Word at the same time. It’s been a hell of a week dealing with all of that, and unfortunately working from my phone is just not cutting it for WordPress. That is the reason for no posts, but all that is over now! My computer has been returned to me with a brand new logics board and bottom case!

This semester I’m in a documentary class, as you should know from the silent narrative that my group produced – P.S. You’re Out of Milk. Our next project is one that we’ve already started working on called The Spirit of Songwriting. We’re exploring what it means to be a songwriter in Nashville, TN by interviewing several songwriters and looking into the music scene in Music City USA. It’s shaping up to be really awesome. You can find us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and here on WordPress!

We left for Nashville Friday afternoon, and Saturday was spent shooting, shooting, shooting! We did more shooting on Sunday, and then drove home, accidentally taking the Tennessee Scenic Route. It was very pretty and very long, so we got back very late on Monday night.

Mary and Chrissie shooting b-roll of Anne Buckle
Mary and Chrissie shooting b-roll of Anne Buckle, a singer-songwriter

We got two really great interviews that I’m really excited to go back through and put into our documentary. We also met some really great people, and are working to set up some more interviews for the next time we go. It’s a really really exciting project, and I’ve had a great time working on it so far.

Other cool stuff I did last week was make a really nifty powerpoint presentation about how to interview someone, focusing on radio and television interviews, and make a trailer for our documentary, which you can see below! Please please please follow us on all of the social media! It makes us feel appreciated and makes everything much more fun!


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