The End of a Semester

I’m gonna be honest here – this semester has been hellacious.

Between money trouble, heavy class workloads, heavy work workloads and applying for internships, life has simply been heavy. Chris is finishing up his last semester in college, working on a capstone project, so he’s been just as stressed as I have.

That being said, as of today, it is officially OVER.

All that is left for us WCU students is finals week – and that will go as it will. All I can do at this point is study a little bit for three finals and pack all of my stuff for going home next week.

I’m still not sure how I ended up with quite this much stuff, especially after getting rid of three trash bags full of non-fitting clothes, but somehow I did. Most of what I’m worried about is how many fish tanks I accumulated this year. I have like five fish tanks of varying sizes just in my apartment!

Anyway, it’s amazing how quickly this semester went – whether that’s because of how stressful it was or despite it, I’ve survived it thanks to my fabulous friend group and family.  Sorry for all the missed phone calls and missed Skype dates (this one is especially for my sister. Sorry, Kirstie!), but I promise to be better at communicating with you all. I love you all! Thank you so much!


I hope everyone reading this that is still finishing up their semester has a great end to it, and that they enjoy their summer! I know I’ll enjoy being home!

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