Remember Gideon?

I haven’t posted pictures in a while, because Gideon’s dark coloring makes it hard to get a good picture, but here’s Gideon, folks! Almost a year later, he’s doing really well and tormenting the baby ramshorn snails in the tank. You can see  the blurry outline of one of the smaller ones off to the…

Meet Gideon

This is Gideon! He’s my new betta fish, joining the snails and moss in what is currently harmony! I will probably be sharing stories and more pictures of him in the future, but I’m happy to have him with me! I’ve missed having a fish!

Unnamed Rescue Fish

This guy is as yet unnamed, but he is my most recent rescue fish. When I got him from someone at school on Saturday, he was in a cracked .25 gallon bowl that was half filled with rocks. This guy has to have the worst genetics I’ve ever seen in a fish. As you might…


This is the first female betta I ever owned, named Nymeria. I bought her at Petsmart last November, and she’s a very nice fish. She is enjoying the re-arranged tank, now that I’m moved into my apartment at school.