Shadows, Cakes, and a Couple of Really Good Books!

Kirsten's 22nd Birthday Cake
My sister’s 22nd birthday cake! Baked by yours truly, decorated by my mother!

It’s been a really fun week at home, though I did not get as much sleep as I should have liked. I’ve seen (or will be seeing) most of the people who I’m still close to around here, and I’ve gotten most of the work done that I needed to do. That being said, I think Tuesday has been my favorite day this week.

I had a shadowing assignment for one of my classes, so I contacted a lot of local newspapers and tv stations, but the place that I decided to shadow at was News 14 Carolina, which is a 24-hour news station that covers a majority of the state. It is a station wherever Time Warner Cable is, as they own it. They unfortunately do not have a mountain branch, so I did my shadowing day with them at their Raleigh office.

I shadowed Heather Moore, who was absolutely lovely and helped me realize that everything that I’m doing currently with newspaper will also translate to TV work if I ever decide to go that direction. I guess this is silly, but I hadn’t realized just how much work the reporters do themselves, as well as presenting it. Doing this shadowing project definitely freed me of some misconceptions that I had of the TV news business, as well as opened up a possibility for a career for me.

The reporters do all of their own research for the stories, all of their own video work (unless a story needs what they call a ‘photog’, which is actually a videographer), all of their own editing, and they write an actual article as well as a script for it as well.  In my head, I had this image of the reporters doing the work, while the tv people just presented it? I’m not sure why, but that’s what I’d always thought.

I’m not sure I want to be in front of a camera all the time, but from what I saw, you actually spend a fairly small amount of time in front of the camera, and you spend most of your time doing what I’m doing to write articles for the newspaper, anyway. Like I said, it’s a possibility for post-graduation, or even for an internship.

You guys are probably wondering why there’s a cake up top. It’s my older sister Kirsten’s 22nd birthday, and it’s on Good Friday (today) again this year! She was born on Good Friday, and since the date changes slightly every year, I don’t remember the last time her actual birthday was on Good Friday.

Anyway, I hope you lads and ladies are having a wonderful week, and that you all have a happy Easter.



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