Series Saturday: Sacred Hunt Duology by Michelle West

The Sacred Hunt Duology

When the covenant was made with the Hunter God, it ensured that the Hunter Lords, their land, and their people would prosper. But in payment, once a year the Sacred Hunt must be called, in which the God’s prey would be one of the Lords or his huntbrother. This was the Hunter’s Oath, sworn to by each Lord and his huntbrother. It was the Oath taken by Gilliam of Elseth and the orphan boy Stephen–and the fulfillment of their Oath would prove the kind of destiny from which legends were made…

The Hunter Lord Gilliam and his huntbrother Stephen must travel to Averalaan, a city once ruled by the Lord of Hell himself, the Dark Lord who once again seeks to impose his reign over the mortal lands. And only Stephen, Gilliam, Espere, and the seer Evayne stand any chance of saving the world from this most evil of fates

These books were originally published in 1995 and 1996, first time published bound in one volume on August 2.

This series always kept me flipping as fast as I could to the next page, eager to learn more about this very strange world. As I was reading, I felt like I was missing that one piece of information that would make the whole picture become crystal clear, but I enjoyed it. Gilliam and Stephen were an interesting pair, and I’m still not entirely sure I understand everything about how Huntbrothers work, or why they are the way they are, but the world they live in is an incredible one.

From what I understand, these books are part of a larger series, but I enjoyed them on their own! Michelle West, also published as Michelle Sagara and Michelle Sagara West, is a good read for fans of Robert Jordan and Terry Goodkind. I’d definitely look into other series’ by her if you’re into fantasy.

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