Review:: The Melody of You and Me by M. Hollis

After dropping out of university and breaking up with her melody of you and me covergirlfriend of three years, Chris Morrison’s life is now a mind-numbing mess in The Melody of You and Me. She doubts that working at the small neighborhood bookstore is going to change that. The rest of her time is spent mostly playing guitar and ignoring the many messages her mother keeps sending her about going back to college.
But one day, an adorable and charming new bookseller waltzes her way into Chris’s life. Josie Navarro is sweet, flirty, and she always has a new book in her hands. The two girls start a fast friendship that, for Chris, holds the promise of something more. But is she reading too much into this or is it possible that Josie feels the same way?

I’ve had this novella sitting in my inbox for more than a month, and I wish I’d read it sooner because it’s absolutely adorable. Like, squish your cheeks adorable, with some lady on lady steamy action thrown in the mix.

I really enjoyed reading from Chris’s perspective, and seeing her figure out her life, how her choices impact others and how Josie changes her life. This novella is short, sweet and great, in my opinion. Also, the author made a youtube playlist for this book, if you want to listen while you read.

I really loved the small group of characters, and the lovely differences between the lives and emotions of all the characters. Each character felt like a person in their own right, someone who could continue to grow in future stories. I loved that not everyone was in a great place. I honestly had no issues with this book, and it left me smiling afterwards, so this was a five star read! The Melody of You and Me can be found on amazon as an ebook or for free through Kindle Unlimited! Go pick up your copy!

Five stars

M. Hollis could never decide what to do with her life. From the time she was a child, she has changed her ideas for a career hundreds of times. After writing in hidden notebooks during classes and daydreaming during every spare moment of her day, she decided to fully dedicate herself to her stories. When she isn’t scrolling around her social media accounts or reading lots of femslash fanfiction, you’ll find her crying about female characters and baking cookies.

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