Review: Ghost Walk by Kay Solo

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Maaya is a teenager who can see ghosts, and she and her three friends get by on the poor streets of Sark by sealing away troublesome spirits under the direction of a deceptive, malicious wealthy man.

Accompanying them is a ghost named Saber, Maaya’s long-time friend. Maaya doesn’t concern herself with world affairs, focusing only on staying alive in a superstitious town that ignores her at best and wants her dead at worst – but after an entire street of people goes missing without a trace and whispers of war begin to reach her ears, Maaya decides it’s time to investigate. 

Maaya soon finds herself in over her head as she confronts a wave of faceless ghosts that terrify even the dead. Driven on by rumors of a mysterious weapon that can make entire cities vanish in an instant, she and Saber start their journey across the world to find out how to stop it. She begins to find new friends, powerful allies, and even love, all while being pursued by new and more dangerous enemies. 

The closer she gets, however, the more she realizes that the ghosts she’s after may not just be mindlessly killing innocents – and that they may be chasing her instead.


I received an e-copy of Ghost Walk from the author in exchange for an honest review.

It took me nearly a month to read Ghost Walk. I read it in small bites, sometimes only a scene or two at a time, and I loved every minute of it. 

Ghost Walk is a very long young adult fantasy with a heavily  romantic subplot and some really cool steampunk elements. It’s got ghosts, magic, pirates, and two women falling in love. In short, it’s just about everything I could have wanted it to be and more. 

It does need some trigger warnings for gaslighting, food insecurity, poverty, death of children, major character death, police violence, minor character death, and evil ghosts.

Solo does a great job with all of her characters. Even the villain is completely believable as you read Ghost Walk.  Saber as a character was my favorite, though. If you read this, you’ll understand why. 

One of my favorite things about this novel is how important every single relationship is – from Maaya’s relationship with her fellow ghost hunters to Adelaide’s relationship with her crew to Maaya and Adelaide’s romantic relationship. If you like found family, this is the book for you.

Even though there is a heavy romantic subplot between Maaya and Adelaide, the other relationships are just as important to the story, which was awesome. 

I also loved the world that Solo built. The worldbuilding was so expansive that it envelops you in every way. I would love to read some short stories or not I was focusing on the other characters we got to know in this. 

If this sounds up your alley, I highly recommend it. It’s a very long book, but you won’t regret reading Ghost Walk. Pick up a copy for yourself on Amazon!

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