Review:: Electric Arches by Eve Eweing

Electric Arches is an imaginative exploration of black girlhood and womanhood through poetry, visual art, and narrative prose. Blending stark realism with the fantastical, Ewing takes us from the streets of Chicago to an alien arrival in an unspecified future, deftly navigating boundaries of space, time, and reality with delight and flexibility. (via Goodreads)

I received an eARC of Electric Arches courtesy of Edelweiss and Haymarket Books in exchange for an honest review. The cover photo image was taken by Daniel Barlow, with permission given by the author to use it.

I’m not going to review the content of this poetry, because all of these stories are the retellings of Eve’s life. I also have absolutely no issue with the content. I loved it. I will add a content warning for racial slurs, though. The n-word is in these poems, because it is a reality for her.

The poem that spoke to my soul the best was “appletree” which spoke a lot about relationships and men. One line in particular stood out to me, but it’s so much more meaningful with the rest of the poem that I will wait for you to read it.

“I believe that the sun shines,
if not here, then somewhere.”

I really loved this poetry collection. I highly recommend you pick up a copy on Amazon or Indiebound.

Disclaimer: All links to Indiebound and Amazon are affiliate links, which means that if you buy through those links, I will make a small amount of money off of it.

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