Remember Gideon?


I haven’t posted pictures in a while, because Gideon’s dark coloring makes it hard to get a good picture, but here’s Gideon, folks! Almost a year later, he’s doing really well and tormenting the baby ramshorn snails in the tank. You can see  the blurry outline of one of the smaller ones off to the left on the glass.

I recently flirted with the idea of getting him a larger tank, because someone was selling a 55 gallon tank and stand for only $60! Unfortunately, given my space constraints and income, I could not justify the purchase. So, for now, Gideon will have to stay in his well-kept 10 gallon tank. Maybe in the future, we’ll look into a larger tank again, but now was not the right time.

Do any of you keep fish? What fish are your favorites? Share the stories in the comments!

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