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“Really Nifty Stuff” is my new column for things that I want to recommend to everybody. It will include all kinds of things grouped together in a theme whenever I do one. There will usually be 3 -5 things in each post, with a little bit about why I think you should take a look at whatever it is.

I was never a really big fan of comics growing up, for reasons unknown, but in the last few months I’ve really gotten into a few webcomics. They’re a form of storytelling that I was really missing out on before, and maybe you guys will enjoy them as well.

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I found Girls With Slingshots  and fell in love with it, reading the entire archive of 10 years of comics in about a week. GWS is done by Danielle Corsetto and follows Hazel, an unemployed 20-something with an English degree, and her group of friends as they turn into “real adults” and begin finding their places in life. It’s a really cohesive story, and you can always enjoy the panels, even if you’ve accidentally missed a few days. For example, the panel on the left is from like 2010, but still enjoyable. I wanted to hunt something down to make sure I wasn’t spoiling anything big for you.

This one is mildly NSFW on a regular basis, in fair warning. The author updates just about every weekday, which means there’s always something new and fun to look at!

Screen Shot 2015-01-09 at 12.11.04 AMMonsterkind is something that Chris showed to me. As you can see, the art style is super cute. The story is about monsters and humans living side-by-side separate-but-equal style, with monsters being treated as lower class citizens and being barred from the wealthier parts of the country. It follows Wallace Foster, a human social worker who has never worked with monsters until he is transferred directly into the center of one of the poorest places. The author, Taylor C, finishes off the about section on the website with a lovely quote about Wallace’s hopeful nature – “Change and progression have never come easy in this backwards world, but perhaps Wallace can help close the gap between human and monsterkind and bring the two together in harmony. He’ll at least try.”

This comic is safe for all ages and updates on Tuesdays and Fridays. You can also follow the artist on Tumblr.

Screen Shot 2015-01-09 at 12.11.39 AMDumbing of Age is a story about a group of kids starting their first year at college at Indiana University. As one might guess, there are all kinds of characters and hilarity ensues when all of them begin to find themselves. As the author put it, “It stars a Christian homeschooled girl and her atheist best friend, and also a disgraced cheerleader, a misanthrope, a rebel, and a caped vigilante.”

It also has themes of parental abuse, attempted sexual assault, depression, alcoholism and anxiety, and is also occasionally mildly NSFW, so if these things trigger you, please be careful when reading this comic. The characters are dynamic and definitely people you would see at any university, at least in my experience.


That’s all for today’s list of Really Nifty StuffI’m still looking for new comics to start reading, so if you guys enjoy these and want to point out some new ones, please leave a comment below or shoot me a message on any social media platform! I love to try new things! I’m also willing to take requests, if you guys want to suggest a theme!

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