Rating Policy

This blog runs on a starred rating system from one to five stars. Here’s a brief definition of what generally gets a book the rating it does.

If it received this rating, I hated this book. Chances are this book was offensive to me in some way. Surefire ways to receive this rating are to have pedophilia, overwhelming sexism and rape in the book. If I couldn’t finish the book, it gets this rating, and I will let you know that I didn’t finish it within the review.  This is a fairly rare rating for me to give, and I will always give a reason.
If it received this rating, I didn’t like this book. Books that get this review usually have a good concept, but some element of the book fell really flat for me as a reader. Sometimes they are books in a series that just don’t work on their own, sometimes the mysteries aren’t mysterious, and sometimes the characters or the plot were just too blasé for me.
I thought this book was okay. It was probably written pretty well, but the subject matter didn’t work for me for some reason. It probably just wasn’t my particular cup of tea, which is fine. It just left me with an overwhelming blah feeling.
I really enjoyed this book. It probably had a few flaws, but chances are, I would buy it and I’d probably recommend it to other readers. This is a fairly common rating for me because I’ve gotten good at picking out books I’ll enjoy.
I loved this book. I’m probably shoving this down the throat of everyone I’ve talked to, buying multiple copies and tweeting about this a lot.

Disclosure Policy

I mostly review books of my own choosing from purchases and the library, but I also review books from Netgalley from time to time. I will note when I’m reviewing for a publisher or from Netgalley.

I do not receive compensation for my reviews other than the warmth of your affections, and I get to enjoy the books I read. At this point, I am making no money from this blog. That may change, and this policy will update if that does.

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