October Wrap Up

You know how I always say that the month has been slam-packed? Well, October felt like three busy months combined in one and ya girl is Tired.

In October, we…

  • decided we were moving to Seattle,
  • worked a lot,
  • Planned and packed for a move to Seattle (packing still in progress),
  • planned a wedding,
  • applied for many, many jobs, and
  • got married!! (Photo of the first dance to the right!)

The general advice is to make one big life change at a time… there’s a reason that advice is given. It is A Lot. BUT it also makes it a lot easier for us to leave the East Coast because everyone important got to see us one last time. It also means that I have done basically nothing for fun, including reading and writing. I’m looking forward to getting back to that once we’ve moved, but in the meantime, things will continue to be pretty quiet. Check out the Fave Links Friday posts for more in-depth chats about what I’ve been up to this October.

Books I Read

Kingdom of Souls – Rena Barron | Hearth and Home – Rebel Carter | Topside – JN Monk, Harry Begosian | Date From Hell – Gareth Vaughn | Salaciously Sexy – Eva Hore | Tarnished Are The Stars – Rosiee Thor | Thornbound – Stephanie Burgis

Posts I Wrote

New Essay at Pink Heart Society: Neurodiverse Voices | Excerpt: The Dark Lord Clementine by Sarah Jean Horwitz | Review: Hearth and Home by Rebel Carter {LFAI} | Fave Links Friday 10/18 | Review: Topside by JN Monk and Harry Bogosian {LFAI} |  Celebrating Four Years of CandidCeillie! |


And if you’re doing NaNoWriMo, I wish you all the luck in the world! I’m not participating this year because my computer will be packed in a box by the time you read this, but I hope you crush it! You are awesome for even trying. Remember that even if you don’t succeed, if you wrote a single word at all, you are doing great and I am proud of you!

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