New Year Goals

My new year goals for 2018 is: to be braver.

I’ve been working on this little by little, but I want to make it a big effort this upcoming year. I want to be braver in my day to day life – whether that means applying for a job that there’s no chance in hell I’ll get, or going after a story that’s maybe a little bit bigger than I can actually chew right now, or standing up for myself just a little more. I also want to be braver in my writing – I want to actually finish the two projects I’m working on, and actually try putting my writing out in the world – whether that’s through Patreon or through querying.

Writing Goals

  • Query and/or submit at least one piece of my own writing to somewhere/someone
  • Track my fiction writing, blog writing, and work writing separately
  • Write a short story every month

Life Goals

  • Marry the boy!
  • Finish knitting Taylor’s blanket!
  • Read more for me!
  • Tell people when I appreciate their work and existence.

What are your goals this year? Share them with me!

4 thoughts on “New Year Goals

  1. these are good goals. I should really do some of those writing goods as well. ‘read more’ is always a goal for me.

    have a lovely day.

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