NC Apple Festival

Rayne + frog
Rayne Taylor poses with the Sweet Frog mascot

This weekend in Hendersonville, NC was the annual North Carolina Apple Festival, and since my best friend Kristi was visiting me this weekend, we decided to go, figuring it would be a lot of fun.

Well, it was actually a lot of fun – the sun was blazing and all of the local stores had a bunch of great deals on everything -until it started raining really cold cats and dogs around 3pm!

All of us got absolutely soaked through, so Rayne (pictured to the right with one of the Sweet Frog froyo mascots) and I decided to dinosaur stomp through the huge puddles that lay between the festival and where we parked. It was immensely entertaining, and it made Chris laugh – until his socks got entirely soaked through..

Chris does not smile for photos, especially when he’s asked to.

We finally dried off about an hour later as we wandered around the Asheville Petsmart, where I got the final things that I needed to finally get my planted fish tank all set up (a replacement light, and decided to head to Cheddar’s for dinner.

Eating at Cheddars was an absolutely wonderful experience – our server, Amber, was awesome, and managed to get all of our orders straight despite there being 7 of us, and even offered to make me a new salad when she overheard that I didn’t like tomatoes, which I hadn’t told her before, and I was just going to pull off of my salad. All of the food that we had was delicious, affordable, and the atmosphere of the restaurant was absolutely wonderful. I had the loaded potato skins and the chicken pot pie, and it was delicious.

We then went shopping at Ross and TJ Maxx, where all of us ladies got some fun new things. Still didn’t find a decent pencil skirt, unfortunately. That’ll be a find for another shopping trip, I guess.

All in all, it was a great trip, and I’m really glad we actually decided to go, but the rest of this weekend is dedicated to relaxing with Kristi and finishing the rest of my homework for the weekend, as well as hopefully getting the interviews I need for work…

Gratuitous picture of Rayne after we were soaked by the rain. (Photo Credit: Rayne Taylor)

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