Moose Tales: The Beginning

If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter, you might have noticed that Chris and I took a very large step into more pet parenthood. We’ve adopted a dog!


Internet, meet Moose! He is between two and three years old, and we think he’s a Belgian Shepherd mix. We’re not sure, since he had been brought in as a stray to the  Danville Area Humane Society, but we love him – whatever he is. Since October is National Adopt a Shelter Dog month, I thought I’d tell you guys about Moose!

Moose is an absolutely wonderful pooch, though he’s a little too enthusiastic about watching Luke and other animals. He’s very well house-trained, and has good food manners for the most part, so we’re fairly certain that he had an owner at one point. He did decimate an empanada and some biscuits, but we’ve learned to not leave food out when we’re not in the room, and we haven’t had any big issues so far.

Chris and I both absolutely adore Moose, while Luke is still wary of him. Moose is already a member of the family, and our life is better with him in it – even if it does mean that we’re waking up at 6 a.m. with him to go on his morning run. Everyone who’s met Moose loves him. Even my mom, who doesn’t even like dogs that much, adored Moose despite several attempts to knock her over.

Having Moose has been a good reason for Chris and I to get some much-needed exercise, and Moose is a good companion for Chris during the day. I’ll probably share pictures here from time to time, because quite honestly, this dog is too cute not to. He also might feature in my bookstagram photos… if I can get him to settle down.

img_5961 img_6091

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