Monday mini-reviews!

I’m gonna be real with you guys – I haven’t had the energy to read anything other than audiobooks recently. I’ve just been exhausted, between work and reality. So, I’m gonna do some mini-reviews today for things I’ve enjoyed but haven’t reviewed!

Wintersong by S. Jae-Jones

I listened to this on audio, and this book is long, magical and musical, which happened to hit so many of my buttons in a good way. Liesl/Elizabeth was not always the most likable person, and I found the story to be more predictable (particularly in the second half) than I would have liked, but it was overall a very enjoyable story.

I think there were a lot of loose ends in Wintersong, which makes me very glad there will be a second novel. I’m interested to see how Jae-Jones wraps up everyone’s storylines in the second book.

Also I got to meet JJ in person in Winston-Salem, and it was absolutely awesome. She’s a lovely human being, and if you get the chance to go to a book talk with her, I highly recommend it.

four stars and one empty one meant to signify a four star review

Hidden Figures by Margot Lee Shetterly

I listened to this audiobook in February, because I didn’t have the money to see the movie, but I still wanted to know everything that was in it. It’s now April, I still don’t have the money to buy the movie, but holy shit this story is astonishing and heartbreaking and beautiful.

I had no idea that that was how we got to the moon – I didn’t know much about the origins of NASA and space travel at all. Let me tell you, I learned a thing. I admired every single one of the women in this book, and could not believe how much they had done that went unnoticed.

I also didn’t realize that Virginia was so shitty when it came to race, which explains… quite a lot about where I’m living and working now.

Five stars

Jackaby by William Ritter

I bought Jackaby on a whim, and it was actually my first read of the year in any form. It was an Audible Daily Deal, and it looked fun. I was right! It was absolutely fun, with a great main character, a very interesting cast, and I always love supernatural Sherlock Holmes. I loved the narrator for this, so I highly recommend it!

four stars and one empty one meant to signify a four star review

Have you read any of these books? Let’s talk about them!

4 thoughts on “Monday mini-reviews!

    1. I hope you read them all cause they’re great! Wintersong is very long, but I hope you enjoy it!!

  1. I love these mini reviews! I’ve heard good things about Jackaby (a friend is a huge fan), but I couldn’t get into Wintersong. It just didn’t resonate with me. I’m glad you like it though, and I’m still gonna check out the sequel next year!

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