Monday Mini-Reviews: Choices Edition

So I haven’t been reading much at all lately. I have had the attention span and the focus of a fly – so very little. But, something that has been working well for me is playing through visual novels on my phone. They’re just long enough for me to play a chapter or two and it’s interactive so it forces me to pay attention. Here are some I’ve enjoyed on the Choices App!

The Royal Romance Trilogy

If you’re a fan of royal romances, you’ll like these. Between the three books, there’s treachery, semi-nude photos, parental death, secret villains, some stunning clothes and about a thousand romanceable options. I’d be interested to see this done with you choosing not to marry the prince.

Home For the Holidays

This is a perfectly sweet small town romance featuring three romance options: your dickhead boss, your high school sweetheart who dumped you on the last day of school, or your childhood friend who you’d lost touch with. You get to enjoy your christmas break at home with an unexpected guest for most of the time.

The constant events and parties reminded me of Stars Hollow from Gilmore Girls in a mostly good way. I didn’t fall head over heels in love with this one, but I didn’t hate it either.

Perfect Match Duology

Perfect Match looks like your standard dating service book, but it’s got a twist. Your “Perfect Match” isn’t what you’d expect them to be. This series kept me on the edge of my toes and kept surprising me. I’d love to know who the author is!

I really liked that bodily autonomy was the premise that this entire duology was based around, and that polyamory was a built-in option in these books if you wanted it to be. There are a variety of romanceable characters to choose from, from old friends to people you’ve barely met. I really enjoyed it.

Find out more about it here!

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