Monday Mini-Reviews 9/16

I’m back with more mini-reviews, friends! I loved these books and I think you will, too!

A Lifetime For Love – Lydia San Andres

I’ve followed Lydia San Andres on Twitter for a while now and I loved her short story Miss Dominguez’s Christmas Kiss, which you can read for free here. When I learned she was publishing a new short story, I had to pick it up. A Lifetime for Love did not disappoint me. It’s an m/f romance between two people who have loved each other forever. I loved every minute of this, and I definitely need to read A Summer for Scandal now!

You can add it to your TBR on Goodreads or pick up a copy on Amazon!

Take Me Home – Hudson Lin

I had heard that Take Me Home was short, sweet and heartwarming, but I had no idea exactly how true this was. This m/m romance is very short and beautiful. I can’t say much more than that without spoiling it, but if you like sweet older main character romances, you want to read Take Me Home. 

You can add it to your TBR on Goodreads or pick up a copy for yourself on Amazon!


They Don’t Make Plus Size Spacesuits – Ali Thompson

This short story collection is very different from the other two stories I’ve reviewed, but it;s an absolutely brilliant one. I am in a writing group with Thompson and consider her my friend, but I honestly loved this.

Thompson is angry and lets it all show in They Don’t Make Plus Size Spacesuits. I was astonished by how pointed the critique was of fatphobia in both our modern-day culture and that of the futuristic world that she’s imagined. Science Fiction so often forgets fat people or imagines us as the nightmare scenario, but we’ll still be there in the future. If you want to take a real hard look at your thoughts about the future, you should read this short story collection. It won’t take long for it to stick in your soul.

You can add it to your TBR on Goodreads or pick up a copy for yourself on Amazon

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