Monday Mini-Reviews: 9/10

I have not finished… any of the books I was supposed to review so far this month, so here’s what I’ve been doing instead – listening to books that are NOT on my review list! A+ Time Management, Ceillie! 

However, all the books I’ve been listening to have been really good, so here’s my group of mini-reviews! Enjoy! 

Not Your Sidekick & Not Your Villain – C.B. Lee

Not Your Sidekick Cover

Not Your Villain Cover

So, I knew I would love this series when it first came out. And yet, I never managed to pick it up. Y’all, I have regrets…. ABOUT WAITING THIS LONG TO READ THEM.  And also that the next book isn’t out until 2019. 

Seriously, this series is affirming in so many ways, delightfully diverse and full of goodness. I desperately love the way that each character’s families interact with them and everything that happens to them. It’s refreshing to see families be involved in YA characters’ lives, from their parents to their siblings. 

I really, really love this series. I cannot wait till the third book comes out! If you haven’t read these, go grab them in any format! I adored the audiobook readers for both! If you’ve already read these, check out Lee T. Blauersouth’s Secondhand Origin Stories!

Ruin of Stars – Linsey Miller

I read and reviewed Mask of Shadows last year as an ARC and Ruin of Stars did not disappoint me in any way, shape or fashion. I listened to this, and kept finding chores that would allow me to listen to more and more. I finished the ~12 hour audiobook in two days, with absolutely no regrets. 

Ruin of Stars builds on everything great in Mask of Shadows, turns it up to 10 and makes it more painful but beautiful. I found myself on the verge of tears several times. This was a great conclusion to this duology, and I highly recommend it if you’re looking for a read full of feels. I look forward to reading whatever Miller puts out next!

2 thoughts on “Monday Mini-Reviews: 9/10

  1. I just recently read Not Your Sidekick and I’m having the same feeling. Why did I wait?? I’ll be picking up Not Your Villain soon hopefully. It was so, so good!

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