Monday Mini-Reviews: 12/18/17

“All emotions are universal. Regardless where we come from or where we are going, we live, we dream, we strive, we die.”

Lukas K. Law, Foreword of Where the Stars Rise anthology

Today I’m here to talk to you about two anthologies I’ve read and adored recently – The Sum of Us and Where the Stars Rise. Both of these anthologies broke my heart and nudged me towards putting them back together again, in their own ways.

The Sum of Us is a collection of stories about caregivers in all the universes in our imaginations. Some of these stories were very hard to read, but they were all beautiful. I think my favorite story was “Number One Draft Pick” by Claire Humphrey. The stories flowed really well together, in my opinion. I think there will be something sad and stunning in this collection for any science fiction or fantasy reader.

You can pick up a copy on Amazon or Indiebound. I highly recommend it, and a portion of the revenues go to the Canadian Mental Health Association.

Where the Stars Rise is an entire collection of Asian science fiction and fantasy. S.B. Divya’s “Looking Up” made my heart ache in the best way. I don’t think I would have been as forgiving as Ayla was. I also really loved “My Left Hand” by Ruhan Zhao. The whole collection was stunning, though, and I highly recommend it!

You can purchase a copy of Where the Stars Rise on Amazon or Indiebound. Again, I highly recommend it.

You can search for inexpensive copies of both of these (and more!) on Bookoutlet, who I am also affiliated with!

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