Monday Mini Reviews: 1/14

This week, I am back with more mini reviews! These are more of my reads over my surgery/holiday break. I had some last week as well!

Prom Queen Perfect – Clarisse David

  • YA Romance
  • Enemies to Lovers
  • Emma Retelling

Emma is one of my favorite classics to read/watch retellings of. I love seeing Emma become a nicer human being while falling in love with someone that’s been there the whole time. It just makes me happy.

Prom Queen Perfect did not disappoint me at all. It was a sweet romance that dealt with family expectations beautifully. I wish I’d read this earlier, rather than having it languish on my Kindle for literally 2 years.

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Grumpy Fake Boyfriend – Jackie Lau

  • Fake Dating
  • Unrequited Crush
  • Sibling’s Best Friend
  • Overprotective Older Brother

I have heard great things about Jackie Lau’s books for a while now, so when Grumpy Fake Boyfriend went on sale for $0.99, I had to snatch it up! I have no regrets whatsoever. This book was adorable. It has a gloriously hate-able ex-boyfriend and a self-acceptance arc for Naomi, our heroine. I absolutely adored Naomi’s family, and couldn’t wait to hear more from them. Which leads us to the next review…

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Mr. Hotshot CEO – Jackie Lau

  • Uptight Hero
  • Great Mental Illness Rep
  • Sequel!

I had to go buy this in one click after I finished Grumpy Fake Boyfriend. While I delighted in the first novel, Mr. Hotshot CEO hit me hard in my feels. Courtney is a heroine who I want to bundle up and help care for. There are some seriously hard discussions about mental illness and treatment-resistant depression in this book, and it’s so important. I loved that Julian was able to pull his head out of his ass and realize that what he needed to do was care for Courtney where she was, instead of trying to heal her. Po Po was definitely my favorite side character, though. She had me cackling every time she came onto the page. I also really worry about Vince and hope he’s able to get his life together somewhat. I’d enjoy reading a book where he was the hero!

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