Make Hiring a Special Guest Easy

As some of y’all know, I’ve been planning a wedding for…. let’s just say a while now. One thing that’s important to a lot of weddings is the music. If you are looking to hire someone for a party or special event, it can be difficult to figure out exactly how to make that happen. However, it doesn’t have to be, thanks to Special Guest!

Whether you are looking to hire a clown, a DJ, a musician or even an artist to make your party or corporate event great, the Special Guest App can help you! It’s also great for people looking to get hired without having to hunt down businesses to work with!

The app and website are simple to use for both parties in this transaction while taking a lot of the legwork off the table for everybody involved! Event hosts like bars and corporations can even hire talent booking managers for their companies through the app!

It’s also free for the talent users and doesn’t take a fee from them when they get paid, making it great for them! Since many members of my family are performers, I know this is really important for them to make ends meet.

It’s even been promoted by Ellen DeGeneres! How cool is that? It’s only currently available in app form on devices running iOS, but you can also access its full functionality from the website.

This post was sponsored by the Special Guest App.

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