July 2018 Wrap Up

So the month of July was an Adventure. It started off with kittens, which is very exciting!Learning Curves Cover  I am now a mother of three fur-children, adding another cat named Paprika to my family! He is 9 weeks old and full of energy.

I was fostering his brother, Sage, for my friend Taylor who was mid-move. Kittens have So! Much! Energy! It was honestly a little overwhelming.

I also put the novella I’ve been working on up for pre-order. But then the kittens knocked a full cup of water onto my laptop, practically frying it. After four days with the nice people at the Genius Bar and almost $800 in repairs, my laptop is basically brand new, and my credit card is very very sad.

If you want to buy my novella, you can do so right here! Isn’t the cover beautiful?

I also officially sold my very first essay! QUEERING THE ARCHETYPES will be a part of Galli Books’ SPECULATIVE MASCULINITIES, which does not currently have a release date! I am absolutely thrilled because I love this essay a lot. I think you all will as well, and I’ll be promoting the hell out of it once it has a release date!

In honor of having two pieces of writing on their way to being Out In The World, I’ve now created a press kit page for myself, which you can find in the menu bar above this post!

Books I Read:

Heartberries – Terese Marie Mailhot | Heart of Iron – Ashley Poston | Temper – Nicky Drayden | Hullmetal Girls – Emily Skrutskie | Moxie – Jennifer Mathieu | Dread Nation – Justina Ireland | Junk Mage – Elliot Cooper | Confessions of the Fox – Jordy Rosenberg (DNF) | Space Opera – Catherynne M. Valente | The Gift of your Love – Kayla Bashe | Help Wanted – J. Emery |

Posts I Wrote:

Find Me Elsewhere:

LGBTQREADS: Cover Reveal of Learning Curves by Ceillie Simkiss

Links I Liked:

Internment promises to be one of 2019’s most politically urgent reads: Read an excerptWhy Cultural Critics of Color Matter | My Wheelchair Glamour Shoot | Looking to Afrofuturism 3.0 | Five Indigenous Speculative Fiction Authors You Should Be Reading | My Name is a Typo | BAD ROMANCE: To cash in on Kindle Unlimited, a cabal of authors gamed Amazon’s algorithm | The Troubling Trendiness Of Poverty Appropriation | Androids and Allegory | How queer friendships redefine the lines between platonic and romantic |

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