Here’s to 2015!

It is now January 2, 2015, and so far, it’s been a pretty good year. Here are my goals for the upcoming year!

Say something nice to at least one person every day.
Put at least 5% of every paycheck into savings.
Put up some sort of blog post every Friday.
Read 100 books!
Take more selfies!

Some of these goals, particularly the reading one, are a little ambitious, but I hope that this year I’ll actually be able to meet my goals. Sometimes I don’t know that I’ll have anything new to tell you about my life, my writing, etc, so I’ll be sharing photos and cool comics and stories I’ve found on the internet. I’ll try to make it at least interesting for you guys. You can follow my reading progress on Goodreads, and feel free to add me!

If you want the selfies, you should hit me up on Instagram or Twitter, although here’s a few of my favorites from the last month. I love my brother for his constant willingness to take photos with me, plus a special appearance from my father in the third one. I hope you guys have had as great a start to your new year as I have, and here’s to hoping it only gets better!



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