Happy (blog)birthday to me!

The website has informed me that yesterday was my 1 year anniversary of having this blog, which is a little exciting. It doesn’t feel like I’ve been writing on this for a year, but since I hardly post nowadays, that’s probably not surprising. However, now that I’m back from an amazingly relaxing spring break, I really will dedicate more time to putting actual content up here, I promise!

Over break, I got a whole lot of sleep, which is exactly what my stress-addled mind and body needed, but I also finally got to see my younger brother in one of the main plays at his school. He was playing Ike Skidmore in Oklahoma, and I absolutely loved the entire performance. I also got to hang out with my best friend, the boyfriends family, turned in internship applicationsand even read a few books! I haven’t had the time or the attention span to read much the last few weeks, which is absolutely heartbreaking for me. That being said, I’m currently completely caught up on my school work, and I’m 45 minutes away from being caught up with all of the TV shows that I watch, so I’m all ready to start the second half of the semester on the right foot!

Exciting things that are coming up in my future are design weekend, internship decisions, and a trip to the Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ) Region 2 Conference in DC on March 28th and 29th. I’m excited about the conference because I love DC, and I’m willing to bet that I will learn tons of things as well as meet some amazing people that can maybe give us some ideas about how to better work our own chapter of SPJ here at WCU. Plus, my advisor might be setting up a tour at NPR for us, which is incredibly exciting, especially since that is one of the places that I applied for an internship.

Anyway, I will have more up about whats going on in my life as well as what I’m working on currently.

Have a great day!

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