February Wrap Up

This month has been an Adventure, y’all. I’m finally getting back to normal with work and my wrist, and very soon, I’ll have another novel out for you to read!


Ser Genevieve, lady knight and heir to the Duchy of Teagan, has been chosen as part of the prince’s honor guard at his coming out ball – a high honor for a woman who’s only been a full-fledged knight for a year. The ball, and the social season that precedes it is the perfect opportunity for Genevieve to make a name for herself with a functional chainmail dress of her own design, and maybe a chance for her to properly get to know Duke Avery of Wolvington, a man she’s had a quiet crush on for years. 

The paths of a gentle blacksmith, a know-it-all nonbinary tailor, and Genevieve’s talented witch of a younger sister cross in their determination to make Ser Genevieve a knight to remember.



Here’s what else I did this month!

Books I Read

The Gilded Wolves – Roshani Chokshi | The Girl King – Mimi Yu | How to Talk to Nice English Girls – Gretchen Evans | Pride Slut – Lina Langley | Christmas at the Wellands – Liz Jacobs |Snowspelled – Stephanie Burgis | Carmilla – Kim Turrisi | The Dead – Cal Matthews | Outlaw Love – Cora Buhlert | Immoral Code – Lillian Clark | A Perfect Proposal – Laura Lam | Be Mine – Savannah J. Frierson | Charm City – Monica McAllen | Pink Slip – Katrina Jax | Heart and Hand – Rebel Carter | Empire of Light – Alex Harrow | Kingdom of Copper – S.A. Chakraborty |

Posts I Wrote:

Review: Just For Clicks by Kara McDowell {LFAI} | Blogging Resources: Promotion | Author Interview: Maz Hedgehog {LFAI} | Author Interview: Gretchen Evans {LFAI} | Writing Resources: Free Author Promotion Tools | 10 YA Books to Buy In March {LFAI} | Editor Interview: Common Bonds Anthology | Monday Mini-Reviews: Choices | Character Interview: Damien & Raeyn, Empire of Light {LFAI}| Romance to Buy in March {LFAI}

Articles I Wrote:

I’m Asexual – Here’s How I Wish We Celebrated Valentine’s Day

Me As An Author:

Author Interview @ The Book Deviant | Strangers in the Park – Archive Of Our Own |

Links I Liked:

How 10 Women Of Color Actually Feel About Working In Book Publishing | Don’t Try To Optimize Your Child | How Young Adult Anthologies Are Making Space For All Kinds Of Diverse Love Stories | A Black Legacy, Wrapped Up in Fur | Do We Write Differently on a Screen? | Last But Not Least — Embracing Asexuality | Gordon Ramsay Changed Everything About How My Kids Eat | Working Draft | Here’s What You Can Say If Your Friend Isn’t Going to ‘Get Well Soon’ | Fiction, Platonic Relationships, and Common Bonds: an Aromantic Roundtable |

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