Fave Links Friday 9/27: Historical Fantasy, Spacial Awareness and more!

If you’ve found yourself wondering where all the good writing’s gone, I’ve decided to share some of my favorite links with you on a weekly basis! It might be short fiction, it might be news articles, it might be random blog posts from me and from others!

None of these links are sponsored. I really just liked them!

Don’t forget, you can check out previous weeks’ lists in the Fave Links Friday category!

I strongly encourage you to call your representatives and tell them you won’t stand for concentration camps, and that we need some goddamn gun control. You can use Common Cause to find out who your reps are and what they stand for if you aren’t sure.

I have A LOT of personal news to share with you this week. This week, I turned 26 and planned basically a whole wedding that will be happening in a month! I did this to accommodate another large life change that I can’t announce yet because it isn’t final. (No, I’m not pregnant. No babies but fur babies in this house.)

As a result, I am Very Tired and probably not going to be very active here, but you’ll still find me on Twitter and Instagram. I’ve only got a few links for you today but I think they’re good ones.


I recently read and loved Samantha Shannon’s The Priory of the Orange Tree, and I think that many of y’all will also. She wrote this piece about making historical fantasy more friendly to marginalized folks and I loved it.

My Feminist Call to Historical Fantasy


As a kid, I was very very bad at figuring out where the hell I was. Reading this Longreads essay about spacial disorientation was very familiar and yet not. It’s beautifully written and really interesting and I think you should read it. Not only so that you can understand me better, but so that you can understand others.

Where Am I?



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