Fave Links Friday 7/19: Trans Actors & Singers, Native Hawaiians Fighting Against the State, and more!

If you’ve found yourself wondering where all the good writing’s gone, I’ve decided to share some of my favorite links with you on a weekly basis! It might be short fiction, it might be news articles, it might be random blog posts from me and from others!

None of these links are sponsored. I really just liked them!

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I strongly encourage you to call your representatives and tell them you won’t stand for concentration camps. You can use Common Cause to find out who your reps are and what they stand for if you aren’t sure. I also hope you’ll ask them to stand up to Trump’s racism towards our sitting senators, if not anyone else.

As you all know, I’m all about representation in all sorts of media. I found these two articles very interesting about trans people in the opera and on Broadway. As someone who grew up loving musicals and opera, this is really important for the future!

Why Trans Representation in the Theater Industry Lags Behind Film and TV

On a more serious note, this article about Mauna Kea and the telescope the government wants to put on top of this sacred island without the approval of the Indigenous Hawaiians. This is an incredibly important thing that you all need to be informed about.

The fight for Mauna Kea and the future of science


In addition to all of that, this will be the last Friday before Second Wind releases! I can’t wait! Go preorder yourself a copy now!

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