Fave Links Friday 6/28: Black Makeup, Fake Blood and Animal Extinction

If you’ve found yourself wondering where all the good writing’s gone, I’ve decided to share some of my favorite links with you on a weekly basis! It might be short fiction, it might be news articles, it might be random blog posts from me and from others!

None of these links are sponsored. I really just liked them!

Don’t forget, you can check out previous weeks’ lists in the Fave Links Friday category!

This is a bit of an old article, but a great one! Before Fenty: Over 100 Years of Black Makeup Brands is a great historical piece on makeup for people of color!

I have also been learning a lot about synthetic blood and what its benefits and drawbacks are. For writing research, I swear. ? Y’all can read one of the better articles that I read on Scientific American! How do scientists make artificial blood? How effective is it compared with the real thing? I’m very intrigued and think you might be, too! Also, this might give you a hint about the short story I’m writing next!

If you’re in the mood for a sad yet feel good story, check out this story about a biologist who has a trailer with the last of more than 20 different species of snail in it. He’s taking care of them until they die and marking their extinction in real time. The Last of Its Kind is a great read. I hope you’ll check it out.

Things I’ve Written Since The Last Time You Were Here:

  • A lot of fiction! I’ve been working on Second Wind, which comes out in just under a month! You can preorder it now! Right here! I’m also doing a blog tour which you can join HERE! 

I’m really excited to share this sweet senior citizen second chance romance with all of you and hope you are all as excited as I am!

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