December 2018 Wrap Up

It’s the end of the year, and good riddance, I say. This year has been so jam-packed full of, well, everything that I’m ready for a semblance of a fresh start in the new year.

I had my carpal tunnel surgery and am healing well. The doctor confirmed that I definitely needed the surgery afterward, which was affirming. My stitches come out on Jan. 2 and I’m looking forward to getting back to work!

Since I was down for surgery, I read… a lot of books! So expect some mini-reviews from me next month! I look forward to sharing my thoughts on all of them!

Books I Read:

Sandry’s Book – Tamora Pierce | Tris’s Book – Tamora Pierce | Daja’s Book – Tamora Pierce | Briar’s Book – Tamora Pierce | Shades Within Us: Tales of Migration and Fractured Borders Anthology | Girls of Paper and Fire – Natasha Ngan | Valiant – Merrie DeStefano (DNF) | Fire & Heist – Sarah Beth Durst | The Prince and Her Dreamer – Kayla Bashe | Ripped Pages – M. Hollis | Marriage of Unconvenience – Chelsea M. Cameron | Soft on Soft – Em Ali | Small Town Secrets – Katrina Jackson | Prom Queen Perfect – Clarisse David | From Scratch – Katrina Jackson | Nine of Swords, Reversed – Xan West | Street Magic – Tamora Pierce | A Hidden Hope – Laura Ambrose | Dragon Pearl – Yoon Ha Lee | Grumpy Fake Boyfriend – Jackie Lau | Will of the Empress – Tamora Pierce | Mr. Hotshot CEO – Jackie Lau |

Posts I Wrote:

Character Interview: Roxy, Foxy Boxing Day {LFAI} |A Simkiss ChristmasReview: Toxic by Lydia Kang {LFAI} | Review: The Prince and Her Dreamer by Kayla Bashe | Reader’s Favorite Posts of 2018 | 10 Young Adult Books to Buy In January 2019 {LFAI} | Reader’s Favorite Posts of 2018 {LFAI} | 5 Middle Grade Books to Buy In January 2019 {LFAI}

Links I Liked:

Aliette de Bodard on Motherhood and ErasureHow ADHD Ignites Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria | On Writerly Jealousy | Artistic Maps of Pakistan and India Show Embroidery Techniques of Each Region | Making History Go Viral | The “best” lipstick probably won’t change your life — but the search for it can | Ellen DeGeneres Is Not as Nice as You Think | Autism & Mental Health: taking it personally | How to Keep Writing When Depression is Kicking Your Ass | I’m Chronically Ill and Afraid of Being Lazy | What Is Glitter? | How Do I Write About My Life Without Alienating Everyone in It? |

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