DC, NPR and Les Miserables

I know I’ve been promising I’d write this for a week, but as we all know, life, work and school got in the way. Anyway, here’s what I did with my last week.

I don’t know if you guys have been to conferences before, but they’re an amazing experience, and they’re made even better when you have awesome people to share it with. I had the opportunity to go to Washington D.C. for the Society of Professional Journalists Regional Conference (I’m in Region 2, hit me up!), and while we were there, my advisor arranged for us to get a tour of NPR from one of her grad school classmates. Thank you for the tour, Krishnadev!

It was amazing to see a place that I’ve dreamed about working for, and I can’t wait to hear back about my internship options this summer. I got to meet several people, notably Bill Chappell who was working on this enjoyable article about March Madness – Shakespeare edition.  I have to say that I’d pick Much Ado About Nothing over everybody else as well. It’s always been one of my favorite plays, and the movies for it are amazing.

Also, NPR has book giveaway shelves – HOW COOL IS THAT?!

During the actual conference, I attended sessions like “A Date with Data” with Derek Willis, which was enjoyable, and he gave my professor and I some really awesome feedback on a project we’re working on together.

Between getting to tour NPR and the amazing conference experience, I had an amazing time in D.C. like always. It’s one of my favorite cities, and I really hope that someday I’ll get to spend a lot more time there.

This past week has mostly been catching up on homework and Western Carolinian work, but as part of that work, I got to go see the school’s production of Les Miserablés on Thursday night. You can see the Western Carolinian review (with my photos!) here, as well as a review from Broadway World using one of my photos here!

It was an amazing show, especially considering the technical difficulties that were unfortunately present throughout the opening night performance – Marius’ mike cut out completely during ‘Empty Chairs at Empty Tables,’ but the actor still managed to be heard over the pit throughout Bardo Arts Center, and that’s the mark of a true artist. I was thoroughly impressed by the entire cast, no matter how minor a role someone was playing, they did it well – even the child actors.

Les Mis
The entire cast of Les Miserables did an amazing job that I would have loved to have seen more than once.

You’ll probably see some more photos from this as posts for the next couple of weeks so that we’ll have some relevant content up here while I work on classwork and things. I took a lot of photos, and I want them to see the light of day.

Luckily, I somehow have some time coming up in my schedule. Aside from some classwork, I have nothing to do this weekend aside from laundry and reading, and that’s amazing. We also only have two days of classes next week before Easter break! Unfortunately, I won’t be going home for the break, but hopefully my friends and I will be able to pull something fun together.

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