I am abysmal at keeping up with most of what the world calls my social media presence. I tweet maybe once every two weeks, not including the posts that get auto-tweeted from here, and when I do, it’s from my phone. I check facebook every day, and talk to people through it, but I don’t really update my status that often. Sometimes I share cool things.

The only things that I’m really good about keeping up with are my two tumblrs. I have a personal blog there that consists mostly of photos of really attractive people, art I like, and my feelings about television shows, fictional characters, etc.  I dedicate more of my life than I’d like to admit to watching tv shows that are generally somewhere in the procedural cop show range – Castle (ABC) is one of my all time favorites, and I’ve also recently gotten into Perception (TNT), which is definitely a twist on the typical partnership between cop and not-cop that makes up a lot of my television. I’ve spent my free time over the last few weeks watching through all of my Castle DVD’s, and keeping up with Perception, since it’s a summer show. It’s amazing how addictive they are. Somehow, over the last three years, it has accumulated nearly 430 followers? I don’t really get it, but that’s okay. (No, I’m not sharing the URL here. If you want it, you have to find it. Or you could email me and I might tell you. We’ll see. )

My other blog, I am completely okay with sharing with you, because it is a book blog. I post book reviews there, and I reblog awesome book fanart, thoughts and opinions on translations from books to movies, as well as just pretty pictures of bookish things. I do some book reviews for netgalley, but most of the time I just do them because I can. I just got finished re-reading the Beka Cooper trilogy by Tamora Pierce. I reviewed the first two of the books, but I didn’t review the third one because I didn’t feel that I could review it properly without spoiling things, especially considering the way that Mastiff ended. The URL for that is literateceillie, by the way. I’m debating bringing some of my book reviews over to this blog, making this blog a mix between my personal tumblr and my book tumblr, except on a more acceptable format.

I have another confession to make: I had no idea what to make this post about. I just knew I needed to make one. Does anyone have any fun blog prompts? I do need to take better care with this one. But for now, I’ll just go back to watching @NBCHannibal’s livetweeting of the SDCC panel. Shoot me a comment if you have more ideas, or if you have something you’d like to see me post!

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