Coffee Shop Talk: The Writing Process

Let’s talk about the writing process. It looks different for every single one of us, so I’m gonna talk about mine today! I hope you’ll chime in at the end and talk to me about yours!

The two most important parts of my writing process are my laptop and my music. That’s right – the music.

My laptop is important because that’s where most of the writing happens. I have Scrivener on it, and it’s got everything I need to make the most out of my writing time, whether I’m writing for work, the blog, or for pleasure.

The music is a very important part though. Because I’m ADHD and autistic, I have a lot of issues with sensory overload and distraction, which is not a great combination when you have a deadline to meet. So, I spend 90 percent of my workday listening to music. I do a lot of that on Spotify, due to the great computer let-down of 2016 causing a loss of quite a bit of music.

When I realized I was going to be doing a lot of writing, because let’s be real, I spend probably half of my time awake writing one thing or another between work, the blog and my WIP. You’ll find that playlist embedded here!


I was inspired to do this post as one of the challenges for the Broody BFF street team. Check out Broody’s Goodreads page here! Then come talk to me about your favorite writing tools & music, and the other important parts of your writing process!

3 thoughts on “Coffee Shop Talk: The Writing Process

  1. Music is such an important part of my process too! One of the first things I do when starting a new project is make a playlist. It’s partially a plot-type playlist, but I also think of it as “if my main character had spotify, what would she listen to?” It really helps me get into the mood of the story, which then helps me write in the appropriate tone.

    1. Ooh! I’d love to see some of your playlists, Christine! That sounds awesome! I never thought about plot coming from the music.

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