Character Interview: Jude & Pixie from Stake Sauce

Hello, dear readers! In today’s halloween surprise, I would like to introduce you to Jude and Pixie, who are the main characters from RoAnna Sylver’s brand new serial, Stake Sauce. I think their story is a little too horror for my wimpy self, but I looove the characters! Here is how RoAnna described them to me!

Jude is the MC of Stake Sauce. he’s a mall cop who “secretly” (he is not subtle) hunts vampires, and… doesn’t really care about his actual job at all. He USED to be a firefighter (smokejumper, the incredibly badass guys who parachute down from planes/helicopters) until 5 years ago, something Horrible happened that killed one of his best friends and left him with one leg. Jude is dedicated to proving vampires exist, and also finding the one that killed Felix, and this has p much taken over his entire life. He’s REALLY Serious and Driven, and lives with PTSD and chronic pain from the incident 5 years ago. (Hunting vampires is kind of his #Unhealthy Coping Mechanism here, and his surviving friends Jasper and Eva are really worried about him.) Jude is also a Nerd, has like zero knowledge of pop culture/doesn’t care, and WILL chase you down to make you use a coaster or take off your shoes or something (this is the only thing he is good at with mall-copping, the floors are very clean)
Pixie is… the opposite of everything Jude is in Stake Sauce. He used to be Jude’s upstairs neighbor who played very loud (not very musical) rock music (they would get into floor/ceiling banging fights bc Jude does Not appreciate this) until he disappeared, and came back Vampired (first as a fuzzy bat that flew into Jude’s window). He still has cute pink hair and loves to rock out, but has really had a hard time of it lately (being turned was Rough and he’s still dealing with this) especially when it comes to OTHER VAMPIRES giving him crap bc he is basically the Opposite of threatening. (He’s adorable and I love writing him, he is a soft boy in several ways, he is cute chub and I think this is important, and he is a cuddlebug in both human and bat form)

Without further ado, get to know the main characters of Stake Sauce a little bit!

How would you describe each other?

Jude: Me first, I guess? Uh… excitable.

Pixie: Serious.

Jude: (Seriously) Noisy.

Pixie: (Noisily) Allergic to fun.

Jude: Colorful.

Pixie: Is that a good or bad thing?

Jude: (Noncommittal Shrug)

Pixie: Stubborn—no, determined.

Jude: …Brave.

Pixie: Surprisingly sweet! (Happy Fangy Smile)

Jude: Warm. (Slight smile)

Pixie: Like temperature-wise, or emotionally?

Jude: …Both. Next question.

What do you like best about yourself, and each other?

Pixie: He never gives up. I mean, like, ever. Sometimes he goes a little, uh. Far with it? But usually it’s a really good thing. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen someone try as hard at everything they do.

Jude: That’s—thank you. I really appreciate that. Um, I think that’s what I like the most about you. You just… know how to make me—or whoever—feel better. Like it’s easy. I’ve never been able to do that in my life, but you make it seem easy. And for myself… I’ve been through a lot in my life, but I’m still here. And I still want to be here. That’s kind of bigger than it sounds.

Pixie: It really is, and I get it. I’m still here too. Also, I have amazing taste in music and fashion, and I’m funny as heck. And I make a super cute bat. And human, super cute human too.

Jude: Are you done?

Pixie: For now! I’m sure I’ll think of more awesome things about myself later.

Jude: Fantastic.

What do you like the least about yourself, and each other?

Pixie: (Hesitantly) Aw… that’s a tough one.

Jude: (No Hesitation) Well, there’s the fact that even with those ears, I seem to be the only one sensitive to loud, offensive noise.

Pixie: No idea what you mean. Also, you worry too much. There, that’s mine.

Jude: I worry the exact correct amount depending on the situation. You don’t worry nearly enough. In any situation.

Pixie: (Pouting) That was two things.

Jude: Sorry. Do you want to go again so we’re even?

Pixie: (Shrugging) It’s fine. Just tell us what you don’t like about yourself. I mean, if you want to.

Jude: I… freeze up at the worst times. I get reminded of something traumatic and I can’t move or talk, or even breathe. PTSD is hard to handle, sure, but it’s also really inconvenient and annoying. I just hate freezing up like that so much.

Pixie: You don’t do it in interviews. That’s a good thing.

Jude: Thanks. So what’s yours?

Pixie: (Thinks for a while, then speaks, unusually seriously) I don’t always… make the best decisions.

Jude: (Just listens, looking similarly thoughtful.)

Pixie: What, no ‘damn right’ or anything? Thought you’d jump on that one, kinda tossed it right to you.

Jude: (Sincerely) Not this time. I know the feeling. Making good choices is harder than it sounds.

Pixie: …Thanks. Coming from you that kind of means a lot.

Jude: It’s fine. Telling you seemed like a good decision.





What is your favorite animal?

Pixie: (Immediately, Happily~) Bats! Super fun to be.

Jude: That doesn’t count. If you turn into a bat, you’re still you, just bat-shaped

Pixie: Well, what’s your favorite?

Jude: …(mumbles indistinctly)

Pixie: I’m sorry, what was that? I couldn’t… hear you. :))) *wiggles huge ears*

Jude: …I like bats too.

Pixie: Aaaawww.

Jude: There, now we’re even from last question. Moving on.


What’s the most important trait to you in a romantic or platonic partner?

Jude: Understanding coping mechanisms and how important they are, even if they don’t always make sense. Recognizing when something can mess you up for years, even if you seem okay on the surface. And that there are a lot of ways of dealing with that, not all of them good. But they all mean you’re at least trying.

Pixie: …Actually, same. And a good sense of humor.

Jude: I can live without that one.

Pixie: No you can’t~

Jude: *Definitely Isn’t Smiling. Nope.*



Where would you live, if you could live anywhere in the world?

Pixie: Right here. I grew up in the midwest, ‘nuff said. Portland is about as far from corn hell as you can get—plus it’s just a super cool place. Lots of creative fashion, indie bands, rebel art, queer and trans connections, cool subcultures, lots of clouds, not much sun? Vampires kind of fit in here better than most places I can think of. Keep Portland Weird!

Jude: I’d want to be anywhere the people I care about are. As long as Eva and Jasper, and… and you’re there, I really don’t care.

Pixie: Aw, me too?

Jude: Yeah. It… wouldn’t be weird without you.

Pixie: (Clearly Super Happy but trying to Remain Calm) Wow. Okay. Then let’s keep it that way.


What do you always keep on hand?

Jude: Until recently, holy water.

Pixie: (s a r c a s m) Yeah, that was fun.

Jude: But now, I don’t leave home without stake sauce. Very specific sauce. It has… important ingredients.

Pixie: Literally everybody knows what’s in the sauce.

Jude: (S w e a t s)

Pixie: Love. The secret ingredient is—

Jude: (Deadpan) Yeah, love.

Pixie: Seriously, I appreciate you keeping it around. Never know when someone might need some.

Jude: You’re welcome. What do you always hang onto?

Pixie: You. :3

Jude: That’s not… (Cannot speak. Overcome by blushing.)

Pixie: I mean for like, transportation! I bat, climb into your pocket, hold on tight. It’s the only way to travel.

Jude: You can fly.

Pixie: Or I can hitch a ride and stay warm and cuddly the whole way. Either one’s cool!

Do you ever struggle with your anger?

Jude: Sometimes. People say time heals all wounds, but… anger is different, I think. It really can eat you up inside. And sometimes it just gets worse over the years instead of better. How about you?

Pixie: Anger? Not really. The last time I got really mad was when someone stole my guitar, but it wasn’t like, overpowering or anything. But aside from that, I dunno, I just don’t have all that much to be mad about.

Jude: You’re not mad about… what happened to you?

Pixie: (Pokes at one fang with his tongue and fiddles with the black, skull-patterned scarf he always wears around his neck) You’d think so, right? I mean, it wasn’t fun. At all. Definitely not fun. I’d skip the, uh… actual turning part if I had to do it again. That, and being a vampire has some also-not-fun parts.

Jude: But you would do it again?

Pixie: Yeah! Most of it’s super cool, really. I love being a cute fuzzy bat. I love being able to see and hear everything. And I’m still not that good in a fight, but I’m better than I was, and being able to protect the people I love… that’s pretty cool. I have good friends, and all the sauce I can drink, no need to bite anyone. I’m happy.

Jude: …Me too.


What is your favorite emoji? Why?

Jude: Emo…what?

Pixie: Emoji—like a little smiley face you do with a cell phone? Or it can be something else, like a star or kitty cat. Smiling poop. Lots of stuff.

Jude:I pass.

Pixie: I like the upside-down smiley. Smiling upside-down is the best.




What is your biggest pet peeve?

Pixie: People passing on fun interview questions. If I showed you a bunch of emojis, would you pick a fave then?

Jude: Is there one for a guy who doesn’t care about this? At all?

Pixie: Smiling poop it is.

Jude: Funny. You’re hilarious.

Pixie: I know! That’s something else I like about myself! 😀

Jude: What’s your actual peeve?

Pixie: I guess… people who get so stuck in their ways they won’t ever change their minds, no matter how much you prove it, or explain it? Like, no matter what you say, they won’t believe you, so you might as well not try, you know?

Jude: I’ve… run into a few people like that.

Pixie: Yeah, that’s one reason I liked you so much right off, honestly. You already knew vampires existed, sure—which is like, a major adjustment right there. But then you adjusted to talking with me and actually being friends, which was huge. So, thanks for that. What’s yours, the Beatles thing?

Jude: Yes. Yes it is. Everybody who says ‘Hey Jude’ thinks they’re the first one to think of it, and that they’re incredibly funny and clever. They’re none of the above.

Pixie: Okay, not a fan. But that one’s super obvious. Got any more?

Jude: (Zero hesitation) Chaos. Mess and noise and none of it for any good reason. There is so much chaos in the world.

Pixie: Kinda sounding like a comic book villain there.

Jude: I probably have the right origin story for one.

Pixie: Hey, you made a joke! That’s great. Something new every day!

What do you most want readers to know about you?

Jude: You can get through anything if you have good friends. There’s an old firefighter saying I’ll never forget – two in, two out. It means you go into the fire together, and you come back out together. Always. That’s how I try to live, and it just makes everything… possible. I don’t know where I’d be without my friends. Not here, that’s for sure.

Pixie: The best thing in the world is waking up and realizing you’re exactly the person you always wanted to be. And if you’re not yet, don’t worry. It’s not too late. Second chances happen all the time. I definitely got one, and I’m happier now than I’ve ever been. Hopefully not all second chances involve dying or growing fangs, but even if they do, it’s still not too late to be who you want to be. I don’t think it ever is.

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