Character Interview: Hope in Nautical Dusk by Miri Castor

In Hope in Nautical Dusk, The Gift of Twilight flourishes within Opal Charm as winter descends on Dewdrop. Life was already rough before, but Opal’s got new obstacles to face – getting into high school, bringing her brother back home, and training to protect Athre and Earth from Samael, the mysterious overlord who seeks to rule all, and put an end to her and the Charm lineage. The balance between harsh truths and sweet lies is more fragile than ever.

Yet, as winter rolls on, the balance begins to break as a new threat emerges. Memories Opal once trusted are disintegrating her friendships, and lies are clouding her Path of Dawn and Dusk. Opal must seek the truth while protecting those close to her, no matter how painful it may be. (via Goodreads)

As you may know, I reviewed the first book in the Opal Charm series, The Path to Dawn, in 2016. Miri released the cover yesterday for the sequel, Hope in Nautical Dusk, and it is stunning. Anyway, I kept in touch with author Miri Castor, and now I’m proud to bring Aaron and Opal to the blog today with a character interview!


Q: What would be the perfect gift for you? Why?

Opal: Uh, how about a new phone? My dad said he’d get me one for Christmas if I do good in school this trimester, but I don’t know if that’s guaranteed.

Aaron: The Wizard, duh! You know for some games, you can use the remotes as swords. That’s just awesome, right?

Q: What is your favorite food, and why?

Aaron: Totong! I haven’t had it since my tiyo came over for Thanksgiving. I dunno, I guess it reminds me of family since my mom only makes it for family reunions. I really like it when all the family’s here.

Q: If you had a free day with nothing to do, what would you do?

Opal: Probably sleep in. Nothing bad can happen when you’re just laying around, right?

Aaron: Wake her butt up, and go to the new ramen restaurant by our house.

Opal: Please just let me sleep.

Aaron: Psh, never!

Q: What’s the most important trait to you in a friend or romantic partner?

Aaron: Aw, you’re blushing, Opes.

Opal: No…shut up! Um, I guess it’d be anything that lets people understand me. Someone that’s OK with change.

Q: What are you most afraid of?

Opal: Being left alone, because of what I’ve done.

Aaron: Well, being abandoned is kind of terrifying.

Q: What is your biggest pet peeve?

Opal: When people say, ‘You’re just a kid’ or ‘Wow, you’re so short for your age!’ Just don’t.

Aaron: Liars.

Q: Who do you find the most attractive?

Opal: Um, Christián in my class is kinda cute. But then, there’s this pretty girl on a skateboard I sometimes see by my house, and Sophia Pierre…I can’t decide!

Aaron: Don’t say anything about this to her, but…Anza’s cute, and nice, and funny. I mean yeah, Sophia Pierre’s cute, and she’s probably gonna be President of the United States, but Anza’s really…cool.

Q: What is the happiest day of your life?

Aaron: It was when Opal and I were seven-years-old, and Mr. and Mrs. Charm took us to New York City. I’d never been outside Dewdrop before then. It was so cool! We took pictures at the Statue of Liberty, and we went to the huge candy store at Times Square. I’m supposed to be going back with Opal for Spring Break. I’m so ready for it!

Q: How do you measure success?

Opal: When everyone says I’m doing a good job, and that I’m strong. I wanna be what everyone needs me to be. The closer I am to that, the better I’ll be, I think!

Q: Have you ever been in love?

Opal: Love’s that mushy stuff, with hand holding, and kissing, and looking into each other’s eyes. I’ve never done any of that. Mom says I shouldn’t until after college. Oh, but I came close with Christián at my school’s dance, but that didn’t go too well.


If this diverse contemporary fantasy sounds like your thing, and you can’t wait to dive back into these worlds, you can preorder Hope in Nautical Dusk on Amazon! It releases on March 19, which happens to be my best friend’s birthday, so that gives you yet another reason to buy this book!

Miri Castor is the author of the Opal Charm series. She spent many recesses in middle school writing fantasy stories, The Path to Dawn being one of many. She has written for Black Girl Magic Literary Magazine and was featured as a Spotlight New Author in January 2016. She attends graduate school on the East Coast and aims to receive her PhD in biochemistry. Meanwhile, Miri is working on her third novel and more urban fantasy series for the future. When she s not being an introverted bookworm or purifying proteins, she plays video games, attends music concerts, and takes stroll through the City.

Disclaimer: All links to Indiebound and Amazon are affiliate links, which means that if you buy through those links, I will make a small amount of money off of it.

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