Ch-Ch-Changes! (and foxes!)

I’ve decided to make a change, friends. Not to most of the content. The change is that I will no longer be giving star ratings on my blog.

INSTEAD, I will be giving fox emojis that show my emotions towards a book! I wanted to do this for a few reasons. I love foxes. They are my favorite. And I wanted to use some emoji graphics that I got.

I also wanted to do this because star ratings really don’t feel like they’re expressing my feelings on a book when I write about them, and that’s really what I review for.

So, you’ll soon (tomorrow) be seeing guys like this decorating my reviews! I hope you love them as much as I do!

Tell me what you think! I look forward to your thoughts!

8 thoughts on “Ch-Ch-Changes! (and foxes!)

  1. Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Star ratings are a limiting and arbitrary system!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Welcome to the realm of Bookish Rebels 😉

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