Remember Gideon?

I haven’t posted pictures in a while, because Gideon’s dark coloring makes it hard to get a good picture, but here’s Gideon, folks! Almost a year later, he’s doing really well and tormenting the baby ramshorn snails in the tank. You can see  the blurry outline of one of the smaller ones off to the…

Meet Gideon

This is Gideon! He’s my new betta fish, joining the snails and moss in what is currently harmony! I will probably be sharing stories and more pictures of him in the future, but I’m happy to have him with me! I’ve missed having a fish!

28 days left

 Photo by Taylor Little I have spent the last 16 years in some form of school, which has had its ups and downs, but soon I will be done! There are 28 days until graduation, and even though there seems to be an impossible amount of work left, I’m starting to get really excited about…

Darian J

This photo was taken during the “Arts Alive @ 125” event, and while most of my photos will be directed to the Western Carolinian and the Western Carolina Journalist, I couldn’t resist sharing this photo on my own. It was a stunning show, and Darian performed amazingly!

Summertime Snuggles

It’s summer vacation – which means working part time at Kroger and hanging out with my pals, but this summer brought a new friend into the Simkiss household. She’s around 3 years old, and her name in her old house was Gracie. We haven’t agreed on a new one for her yet, but she’s still…

Mat Kearney Live

Article [Click through!] by my friend Darian Jackson, photo by me! Kearney was a pleasure to listen to. He sounded just like he does on his albums, and he definitely did his research on what to use for his joke material with us. I thoroughly enjoyed the concert, despite unfortunate barrier-mates.