Busy, busy me!

My life in Cullowhee has been incredibly busy since the semester began. Such is the way of life when you work during college, I suppose, but it leaves very little time for things like blogging or relaxation.

As some of you might know, I am the sole designer for The Western Carolinian this semester, and it is so much more work than I imagined it would be. I was co-designers with my friend/coworker Jamie last semester, but because of some changes that have been made to the design of the paper as well as more advertising being placed in the newspaper, it definitely feels like infinitely more work than it was last semester. However, I really enjoy the work – to a point. There’s a point about eight hours into day 2 of design weekend where my boss and I just have to get off campus and away from computers. Usually this involves a trip to get food and sit in a chair other than our (otherwise comfortable) office chairs. Anyway, because of the increased workload, as well as doing my classwork, I’ve had almost no time to update here, so here’s a quick, bullet-pointed list of some things I’ve done.

Since the semester began, in no particular order, I have….

  • Swapped my iPhone 4 for a Nokia Lumia 928. (I love Windows 8 for this phone, and don’t get me started on the camera. I am in love with it.)
  • Become the News Editor for the Western Carolina Journalist, which is where you will probably see most of my articles from this semester.
  • Signed up for the “Social Media for Journalists” Knight MOOC
  • Been tweeted at by two authors who I dearly love. (Maggie Stiefvater and Jessica Day George.)
  • Finished marathoning Gilmore Girls.
  • Bought a ticket to hear Gloria Steinem, one of my heroes, speak at WCU.
  • dealt with far too much snow for my thermal valley.

As I sit here, actually, we’re waiting on the results of “winter storm Pax,” which was supposed to drop in this morning, but all we’ve seen is a light snow and rain, nothing that has stuck. I have to say I’d look forward to a snow day, because my blogging is not the only thing that has fallen to the wayside in attempts to do my homework and actual work. My room is a disaster, my laundry needs to be done and my fish tanks desperately need some attention.

So this is me signing off for the day – look for some articles from me this weekend and next week. You should also pick up a copy of the latest edition of Western Carolinian on Friday! I’m working on an article for the Journalist that I’m really excited about. 🙂 I hope you all have a great day!

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