Author Interview:: LJ Hamlin

Hello, dear readers! Welcome back to my author interviews! Today I’d like to introduce you to LJ Hamlin, yet another twitter friend, who is a wonderful author who has several books coming out through Less than Three Press.

LJ is a disabled queer writer in her late twenties, she loves writing all kinds of different books with a romance twist and has been writing all her life. Writing can often be hard due to pain but can also often be an escape from it, and it’ll always be part of her life. 


What’s the best piece of writing advice you’ve ever been given?

Never, ever give up as long as it feels right.

Where and how do you like to read? What do you need for a good long reading session?

I like to read poetry in bed or a good supernatural romance in my bedroom which is up in the attic – so nice and private.

What are your top 3 go-to book recommendations?

The Raven by Edgar Allen Poe, Alice in Wonderland by Louise Carroll, Morganvile Vampires by Rachel Caine  

What does your writing space look like?

I like to write in my bedroom which is my little cave at the top of the house, no one but me really comes up here as it’s a different floor on the house, It has a wall of art and lots of collectibles I love steampunk, gothic and mystical things.

What are your favorite writing tools?

My laptop and my wrist braces.

What is one of your biggest strengths in writing?

I think I’m quite good at interesting world building.

What is your biggest struggle in writing?

My dyslexia and physical pain are both hurdles.

What other projects are you working on?

I’m working on a fairytale short, a Fae short, a YA fantasy with dragons and a YA with space pirates.

What’s one thing that would surprise people to know about you?

I can be very shy and have terrible anxiety problems.

What do you to break out of writing slumps?

I often try to work on a different project for a while, something that excites me.

Where is the best place to contact you?

Twitter under LJHamlin or Lizziecolt

Where should readers start when it comes to your writing?

Paint a Story on your Skin or Petrichor is a good starting point. Blood Visions, once out, is a series close to my heart.

What disabilities/neurodivergences do you share with your characters? 

I have written characters with depression, anxiety, migraines, chronic pain, all things I live with.

How do your disabilities/neurodivergences affect your writing?

Depression can stop me writing completely and so can pain, I get terrible pain in my shoulders, elbows and hands that make typing hell some days.

What would your advice be to a fellow writer with your disabilities/neurodivergences?

There is always a way to write, and there is no right way, just because someone else write more, or faster doesn’t mean what you’re doing isn’t worthwhile. Words add up, eventually you’ll finish, just keep going.  



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