A Year of Happiness

Photo by Charlie Robinson. [9/24/2012] Bear Lake, North Carolina
Today’s a special day. Normally, I avoid putting relationship stuff up on the internet because I value what little privacy I can manage, but since today’s special, I’ll let you guys in on a secret:

My boyfriend Chris and I have been dating for a year as of today.

The above picture is from the beginning of our relationship, because somehow, I haven’t managed to get a good picture of the two of us (or even just him) without having someone making a face in it over the past year. It’s quite embarrassing.

Despite my lack of a good recent photo, being with him for the last year has been absolutely wonderful. Despite all of the craziness that has happened over the last year, he’s been absolutely fantastic. He’s been part of what’s kept me together throughout everything that’s happened, and I’m so grateful to have had his friendship and love.

So, I’d like to propose a toast tonight to good relationships and happiness. Chris, thank you for a fantastic year, and I look forward to whatever happens in our future.

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