Writing Resources: 5 Sites To Get You Hired

If you’re a freelance worker of any sort, finding work can be incredibly difficult. However, with the help of some great sites and apps, it can be easier! You can use these if you’re a freelance writer or if you’re trying to break into the world of ghostwriting fiction or nonfiction!

Here’s five sites that I think are great!


Upwork is both awesome and terrible at the same time – it can be difficult to get into and there are a lot of people offering very low pay for the work you do. It can take more than a little searching to find opportunities that are right for you and pay well enough to be worth your while. However, this is one of the largest sites out there for freelancers, so it is worth your while to get on here if you’re looking for gigs.

I personally use this site for jobs on occasion, so if you’re hiring, look me up! 😉


You might be thinking that it’s not worth it to use Fiverr, but as one of the largest marketplaces for freelance work, this can be a great opportunity to make connections with people! I use it regularly to hire people to do photoshop work that I’m too lazy to do, but there;s a lot of other opportunities on there for all sorts of freelancers.


Contently is another site that I use. It has a great portfolio feature for people like me who do a lot of different things and offers job opportunities on its boards.

You can check mine out here!


This job board caters to startup companies in a variety of industries, trying to bring high-quality freelancers to them. Looking through their job board, I found several interesting job offers that I’ll be applying to!


This is another site that I prowl for jobs whenever I’m looking for awesome ones! Be careful of some of the academic ones that are often cover for writing kids’ essays for them, but otherwise I’ve had great experiences with these job apps.

You can also check out my writing resources and blogging resources for more tips!

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