2017 in Review

2017 is over, and may it rot in its grave.

Yet again, I blew through my goal of 100 books, and I’m actually really pleased with it.

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I had so many different authors because I read A LOT of anthologies this year (and loved all of them!) I made a concerted effort to read more short stories and novellas, and I really enjoyed it. I wasn’t sure I would, but it turned out really well.

Once again, my gender makeup of authors skews very female, though I did do a lot more reading from nonbinary, genderqueer and genderfluid authors this year, as you can see. In 2016, I only had one author in that category.

My data does not distinguish between cis and trans, because there’s no non-shitty way to do that, but I know I read a lot from trans authors this year, and it was all good – like Transcendent 2!

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Once again, I also skewed heavily towards genre fiction. I am a sucker for a great fantasy or science fiction story, and it shows!

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I had a pretty good reading year as you can tell from my ratings, and I think you’ll guess *why* I had such a great reading year from this next slide.

That’s right. 115 of my 2017 reads were ownvoices in one way or another, and very few of them were not from queer authors or authors of color. This slide actually surprised me, because I hadn’t realized quite how much if my reading had been ownvoices.

I was also surprised because 114 books were by authors who were not American or British, or not only American and British. This was another goal for me this year.

You can see my full statistics and filter it to your heart’s delight in my google sheets file!

2 thoughts on “2017 in Review

  1. I love end of year slides. I skew heavily female and genre in my reading too. I’m don’t have quite as many own voices books as you. I’m still reading mostly white authors but that percentage is getting smaller over the years.

    1. If you’d care to scroll through my review records or my reading spreadsheet, most of the ownvoices books that I read are marked as such, and were great! Thanks for stopping by!

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