Mat Kearney Live

Article [Click through!] by my friend Darian Jackson, photo by me! Kearney was a pleasure to listen to. He sounded just like he does on his albums, and he definitely did his research on what to use for his joke material with us. I thoroughly enjoyed the concert, despite unfortunate barrier-mates.

Farewell, Red

Sorry for being AWOL again, folks. As usual, life tends to get in the way. I know I didn’t post anything for these, but I hope that everyone had a wonderful holiday season and is having a happy new year so far!

Zombies on Campus! A Slaughterpocalypse! Preview

Zombies on Campus! A Slaughterpocalypse! Preview was originally published on The Western Carolinian, written by yours truly! Western Carolina University’s School of Stage and Screen is bringing a D.V. Caitlyn original play, “Zombies on Campus: A Slaughterpocalypse!” to life for the first time on Nov. 13. While planning out the Stage and Screen 2013 –…

Cullowhee & Sylva

Cullowhee & Sylva This is an article I co-wrote with one of my awesome Western Carolinian coworkers, Brandy Carl. She did an internship with Asheville’s Mountain Xpress this summer, and now works for them as a freelancer, but she was able to get me in on an article about our lovely small towns, which was…

Design Week 1

Last week, due to some issues at the Western Carolinian, we found ourselves without a designer for the newspaper, and an issue needing designing, so my coworker Jamie North and I stepped up to the task. Both of us had some experience with InDesign CS6, so between the two of us, I think we did…