Review:: Gone by Min Kym

Gone is the spellbinding memoir of a violin virtuoso who loses the instrument that had defined her both on stage and off — and who discovers, beyond the violin, the music of her own voice. Her first violin was tiny, harsh, factory-made; her first piece was -Twinkle Twinkle, Little Star.- But from the very beginning,…

The Spirit of Songwriting begins!

Sorry for being AWOL for the last two weeks of posts, guys! I’ve been having some severe computer troubles, from a crashed logics board on my Macbook, to a loaner laptop that wiped the memory every 12 hours to a really old Acer that can’t run an internet browser and Microsoft Word at the same…

Darian J

This photo was taken during the “Arts Alive @ 125” event, and while most of my photos will be directed to the Western Carolinian and the Western Carolina Journalist, I couldn’t resist sharing this photo on my own. It was a stunning show, and Darian performed amazingly!

Mat Kearney Live

Article [Click through!] by my friend Darian Jackson, photo by me! Kearney was a pleasure to listen to. He sounded just like he does on his albums, and he definitely did his research on what to use for his joke material with us. I thoroughly enjoyed the concert, despite unfortunate barrier-mates.

The Queen City

I have finally left Charlotte, and my first proper stay in the Queen City was almost entirely enjoyable. I had some issues with Greyhound and their extreme lack of timeliness, but of course that isn’t Charlotte’s fault. The reason for my visit to Charlotte was to go to Warped Tour for the first time on…